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Hezbollah Martyrs: Profiles and Testaments 

The Western media virtually always present the men of the Resistance as militant mannequins.  They are presented as nothing more than the weapons they carry.  They are faceless numbers.  And they are targets.  

The following documents and photographs will introduce you to examples of the men who were targeted.  They were sons and fathers, brothers and husbands.  They were followers of God and leaders of men.  They loved and enjoyed their lives.  And in their contentment they offered themselves as martyrs.  

The profiles offer glimpses of men who vary in matters of social, economic and personal character, yet who all share a pure faith in Islam and an unyielding commitment to Hezbollah.  

The testaments are the thoughts and sentiments of the men themselves.  Once a man chooses to commit himself to the jihad of military resistance, he follows a course of training.  Upon completion of this preparatory stage, he will be ready for active duty.  It is at this point that he will write his testament.  The document is then kept in his personnel file.  Should he be martyred, the testament is forwarded to the Martyrs’ Centre.  

As you meet these individuals, remember their unwavering conviction:  In safeguarding the lives and honour of others, in defending the virtues of their faith, the martyrs of the Islamic Resistance of Hezbollah have brought unique and significant blessings upon themselves.  The epigraph on each document provided by the Martyrs’ Centre reads:

“Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord.”  (Surah Al Imran, verse 169)

Sameer Nour Al Deen “Mujahed”

5 February 1964—13 June 1982

Ahmad Jaafar Qassir “Haidar”

4 September 1964—11 November 1982

Mohammad Abed El Hassan Hallal “Imad”

11 April 1973—2 June 1994

Ali Mohammad Kawtharani “Kameel”

10 June 1976—12 September 1997

Mohammad Moneef Ashmar “Abed El Aziz”

25 May 1972—16 January 1998

Mohammad Hussein Hammoud “Kazem”

1 March 1975—10 October 1998

Yusuf Abbas Reehan “Mortada”

10 September 1977—22 August 1999

Hussein Fayez Azzagheer “Abu Rida”

24 July 1985—1 August 2006