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In the words of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Words from a Lebanese girl, 2006

“We were born here. We were brought up here. We live here. Our homes are here. The graves of our martyrs are here. Here are the graves of our fathers and ancestors. Here we die. Here we remain. We won't leave here. Because we are so, we remained steadfast for 33 days under the fire of the strongest and the severest air force in the region as we have no other choice. Lebanon for us is not our choice. It is rather our fate. When I and my brothers and sisters say this is the country of the fathers, ancestors, children and grandchildren we mean that in our words, action, soul, conscience, blood, martyrdom, struggle, sacrifice, patience, firmness, steadfastness and adherence to this right and deep-rootedness in this land.” (Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, 9 April 2011)

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