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About the Book

411 pages, 19 chapters

First Edition January 2015

ISBN 978 88 68510 53 4

Published by Arkadia Editore

Hezbollah: An Outsider’s Inside View is the answer to the question that has been asked for years by the concerned Westerner: who are those people over there and do we really need to be scared of them? Based on an increasingly inside view of Hezbollah, this book is an opportunity for the Western reader to see for himself what this headline-grabbing group is all about. Against a backdrop of records documenting the context from which Hezbollah has developed, you are invited to meet the administrators and the sheiks, the leaders and the fighters, the individuals and the families who are Hezbollah. Written from a Western perspective, this inside view of the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon offers the opportunity to explore the militants at the horizon.



Table of Contents

About the Author

Brenda Heard is a writer, a teacher and a human rights activist. She has travelled repeatedly throughout the US, Canada, Europe, India and the Middle East. Having taught university and business level English for over a decade, in 2006 she founded the Friends of Lebanon organization, based in London, England. She has continued to manage this international support for a better and more peaceful Lebanon and has written numerous articles that have been published across the web. Based on eight years of research and hands-on experience, she now offers Western insight into the people behind the name Hezbollah.

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It is a fair question, one you may well be wondering.  Why have I written this book—what is in it for me?

Beyond the inside view. . . . Over 650 external sources cited.